Glossary of terms

Content model
See Rich content model.
Content type
See Rich content model.
Rich content type
See Rich content model.
Rich content model
A Django model that defines one or more placeholders that allow term:`content plugin`s to be used, for example “Page”, “Press release” or “Event”.
Content item

A Django model that represents a ‘block’ of content that can be added to any rich content model, for example “Text”, “Image”, “Embedded Media”.

Content items are related to rich content models by a generic foreign key, using the fluent-contents approach.

Content plugin
A class that registers a content item in GLAMkit which specifies how it is to be rendered in a given context and how it is edited in the admin.
Short for Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums, used by some members of those institutions to refer to public cultural/collecting institutions as a whole.
ICEkit_ is the engine that runs GLAMkit (actually GLAMkit is just an extended set of settings and requirements on top of ICEkit). ICEkit is a basic CMS toolkit, designed for teams of content professionals. ICE isn’t officially short for anything, but if it was, it would be “Interaction Consortium Editorial”.
A person who uses the CMS admin system to edit content.
A person who publishes content once it has been edited.
Rich content
A sorted list of term:content plugin items.