Like every open-source project, GLAMkit is looking for people to help contribute ideas, features, code and issues. This document outlines the medium- and long-term feature roadmap for GLAMkit. If anything on this list is of interest, you should get involved - see Contributing to the project.

This roadmap is subject to change as needed – there is very little stopping us from bringing features forward if necessary. For a more immediate and detailed overview, refer to the Github issues.

Release schedule

GLAMkit will receive incremental releases every 3-4 months, and major releases every 8-12 months. The changes in each release are documented in the Changelog.


Incremental releases should not break backwards-compatibility with the previous incremental release, but may introduce deprecations, and may break backwards-compatibility from versions before the previous incremental release. If breaking backwards-compatibility is unavoidable, the change should be documented in the changelog, in the “backwards-incompatible” section.

Version Overview

Version 0.18

  • Include Events/Collections/Press Releases/Sponsors in the main repository as standard
  • Add REST API endpoints for Collection and Images
  • Include new EDTF fields in Collection
  • Drop any deprecation shims added in 0.16.
  • Author listings

Version 0.19

  • Drop any deprecation shims added in 0.17.
  • Remove Django-Haystack, using ElasticSearch libraries directly.
  • Events Location model
  • Solution for adding extended information and themes to Events (a.k.a the minisites replacement)
  • Image sRGB colourspace handling

Version 0.20

  • Drop any deprecation shims added in 0.18.
  • Return of versioning and reverting
  • Factored-out collection search
  • Events API

Version 1.0

  • Drop any deprecation shims added in 0.19.
  • Polymorphic asset refactor
  • Solution for reducing the need to fork apps merely to add fields to models.
  • Navigation content model
  • Improved embargo/archive behaviour
  • Education landing page and education search

Version 1.x

  • 3rd-party signals notification framework, with email/trello/slack examples, maybe IFTTT/Zapier
  • Collection models for natural history museum
  • End-user editable header/footer content
  • Plan your Visit model and content types
  • Advanced Exhibitions model and content types
  • Editable help/internal documentation
  • Content strategy - set reminders to review content
  • Content calendar, showing scheduled events
  • Built-in ecommerce
  • Email reminders when content is about to go live/deadline approaching, etc.
  • Review tools
    • Watch/unwatch for published updates
    • See and reply to comments on front-end and back-end.
  • Audience behaviour
    • Visitor surveys - pop-up and inside content
    • Sharing built-in
    • Integrated analytics
  • Publish to different platforms
    • Medium
    • Facebook
  • Internationalization/localization for multilingual sites
  • Digital signage plugins

Version 2.0 and beyond

  • Import and export GLAMkit data as YAML/JSON
  • Make a difference (aka Get Involved) landing page and content types
  • Interactive timelines model
  • Refactored/custom admin
  • Customisable dashboard
  • Live preview
  • Basic CRM
  • Create and track press packs for authorized members of the press
  • Front-end/back-end separation (aka “headless mode”)
  • Custom icon set